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A Miracle Detailing

Auto Paint Correction and CQuartz Ceramic Coating Certified.

Palm Beaches only CQuartz Finest Reserve & Cquartz Professional certified installer.


Mike Moore IDA CD-SV, CQuartz Finest Reserve Certified

All treatments are personally undertaken by Mike Moore, proprietor of A Miracle Detailing® located in Boynton Beach, Fl 

Mike is CQuartz FINEST RESERVE certified installer. NOTE: Less than 3 of every 1000+ applicants are approved for CQuartz Finest Reserve ensuring Mike is among the best in the nation. He is a International Detailing Association member with both Certified Detailer & Skills Validated certifications, assuring his technical knowledge, real world hands-on skills & experience. 

Mike is a professional auto detailing specialists. He uses a variety of Last Step Products (LSP's), including fine quality carnauba waxes, premium synthetic paint sealants and he is both CQuartz FINEST RESERVE and CQuartz Professional automotive nanotechnology ceramic coating paint protection certified.

A Miracle Detailing

"Delivering a show car finish with a trophy winning shine." Mike's commitment to going that extra mile has obtained him numerous first place and best of show awards.  He treats every vehicle as if it was his own and makes sure each of his clients are  completely satisfied with their friendly professional service and freshly detailed vehicle.

If you are looking for a premium paint correction, paint polishing and paint protection specialist, Mike Moore IDA CD-SV is more than qualified to bring your vehicle to that better than "showroom new" condition with his auto detailing knowledge, skills, experience, passion and state of the art paint polishing, paint protection and ceramic coating protection technology.  


A Miracle Detailing®

A Miracle Detailing

A few FAQS about us. A Miracle Detailing® has a passion for auto detailing. We are professional auto detailing specialists. Our core principals focus on quality, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and the betterment of the professional auto detailing industry. Our goal is to provide you with the best results possible results and the highest quality service.

We believe the best way to care for a vehicle is to restore the paint finish to the best it can be and then protect the paint so it stays looking great for years. Whether you have a daily driver, luxury car, exotic or collectible we want you to enjoy the comfort of knowing your vehicle is in good hands.

A Miracle Detailing® – Professional auto detailing services - We are centrally located in in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida for your convenience. Serving the Palm Beach County area including: Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Delray Beach, Lantana, Lake Worth, Wellington, Greenacres, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. Contact Us for a free quote.

A Miracle Detailing


Why A Miracle Detailing?

We take pride in our work at A Miracle Detailing and strive to provide quality work and professional customer service.
We have a passion for auto detailing and continually research ways to provide your vehicle with the best care possible. While other shops look to get vehicles in and out quickly, we look to provide a quality job each and every time.

Is This A Mobile Service?

No. All work at A Miracle Detailing is performed by appointment at our detailing studio. This enables a more controlled environment in order to produce the best results possible. We are centerally located in Boynton Beach, Fl for your convenience. Vehicle drop off time can be arranged or we can provide a local ride to your work or home.

What Is Exterior Detailing?

In a nutshell, exterior auto detailing is a thorough cleaning of the vehicle exterior and paint surface. Unlike a traditional car wash, care is taken to safely clean your vehicle and extra time is taken to ensure that the entire vehicle looks its best.

Here at A Miracle Detailing, we strive for excellence. Even in our most basic detail packages, time is taken to safely hand wash the paint with Merino wool and high quality microfiber mitts, no damaging scrub brushes and no harsh chemicals.
We use filtered water and a pH Neutral soap that does not strip the protective layer of wax or sealant that is on the paint.

Wheel wells are degreased, tires scrubbed, boars hair brushes are used to properly clean all the crevices on the face of the wheels, and special brushes are used to clean the hard to reach (inside) part of the wheels. Heated filtered air is used to blow water out of the cracks, jams, lug nuts, etc. to minimize any water runoff when driving the vehicle after it is detailed.

A Miracle Detailing

Another aspect of auto detailing is machine polishing. The paint is polished to the best it can be before applying a coat of wax, sealant, or nano ceramic coating. This is known as paint correction. The paint is polished with high quality foam pads, compounds, & finishing polishes to add gloss & remove paint defects such as swirls marks, water spots & light scratches.

Without the proper knowledge, polishes, pads, machines, and experience, more issues and defects can be created on the surface of the paint. These defects, left by other detailers, need to be properly corrected to obtain the best possible results.

What Is Clay Bar Treatment?

A clay bar treatment removes virtually most types of contamination on top of your vehicle’s paint and glass surfaces. These contaminates include airborne pollutants, brake dust, paint overspray, industrial fallout, rail dust and "things" that can adhere to your vehicles paint. A clay bar treatment may also be able to remove stubborn sap, tar, and bug remains.

A clay bar treatment does not remove scratches, waterspots, and swirl marks from the paint. This would require machine compounding and polishing. If you feel any sort of grit or bumps on your vehicle, the paint surface will benefit greatly from a claying service. Claying also allows wax, sealants and ceramic coatings to bond and adhere much better to your vehicle.

Any time a vehicle is brought in to A Miracle Detailing for a exterior detail, the paint surface is decontaminated to properly prepare the paint surface. This two step chemical and mechanical "clay bar" treatment removes embeded and surface contamination so that wax, paint sealant or ceramic coating will bond correctly.

What is Paint Correction?

A Miracle Detailing

Paint Correction is the process of removing fine scratches, swirl marks, bird droppings, water spotting, and oxidation.
A Miracle Detailing does not use compounds and polishes which contain fillers which only temporarily hide any defects.

This is why a lot of detail shops offer a “full detail and buff” and two washes later the paint looks exactly the same as it did prior to their “full detail and buff”. They use products with fillers, which get washed away, revealing the original defects.

We do not fill and hide surface defects. We polish paint to repair the flaws with micro-abrasive polishes & clean high quality pads, so as long as the surface is maintained and kept clean the right way, it will stay looking great for a very long time.

I just purchased a new car?

Contrary to popular belief, new cars rarely look their best. Despite being treated to a quick dealership wash (which may even result in fine scratches and swirl marks caused by over-eager attention and incorrect washing techniques), residue from the protective transportation film may remain. Plus the vehicle may have been stored outside near railways or other industrial areas before being exposed to contaminants that embeded in the paint during transportation to the dealership.

A Miracle Detailing will correct these issues and leave your vehicle protected and looking better than new for years to come.