A Miracle Detailing - Palm Beach’s only certified CQuartz installer

This is where the newest detailing technology, hybrid sio2poxi & nano ceramic coating, is the perfect complement to preserving your vehicle’s new finish. When choosing CQuartz Finest Reserve to protect your vehicle’s exterior, you are ensuring that your vehicle will have the richest & highest gloss coating available on the market.


What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a liquid product, made up of ceramic nano particles suspended in a clear resin that when applied, hardens and cross links into a virtually impermeable surface that is chemically bonded to your vehicle.

A quality paint protection ceramic coating will display durability, longevity, outstanding water repellency, increased gloss, greater resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and has additional UV blockers to prevent color fading and oxidation. Ceramic coatings are not paint, but they do bond to paint and help protect your car's paint surface.

If applied correctly, ceramic coatings do not fog, delaminate or chip off the paint surface. It is considered “semi-permanent” due to the fact it will always be there until it is abraded off the surface.


What do ceramic coatings do?

Ceramic coatings protect the paint surface by repelling water and dirt, they increase gloss, they increase chemical resistance, they increase resistance to abrasion and add additional UV blockers to prevent color fading and oxidation.


What ceramic coatings do not do?

They do not stop rock chips, they do not prevent water spotting, they do not replace proper care and maintenance, they do not prevent dings or dents, they are not bulletproof and they do not last a “lifetime”. Do not buy into marketing hype presented by some ceramic coating manufacturers.


What to look for when choosing an installer?

Check online reviews on Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. Look for photos and videos of prior paint corrections and ceramic coating installations the installer has done. Also, look for reviews about CQuartz Finest Reserve and CQuartz Professional.

CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating

Choosing a ceramic coating?

OK, you have done your research and you have decided you want the looks, convenience, durability, ease of maintenance, hydrophobic properties and brilliant shine that CQuartz Finest Reserve or CQuartz Professional offers. What's next?

The most important thing you can do when choosing a ceramic coating is find the right installer. It is the skill level and the execution of properly preparing the vehicle before the ceramic coating application that is going to determine the quality of the end result.

* A Miracle Detailing / Mike Moore is certified with both CQuartz Finest Reserve and CQuartz Professional ceramic coatings.
NOTE: Less than 3 of every 1000+ applicants are approved for the highest certification level - CQuartz Finest Reserve.

Mike Moore (CD-SV) is a paint correction specialists and CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating certified. He is also a member of the International Detailing Association (IDA), with both Certified Detailer and Skills Validated IDA certifications.


Cquartz Finest Reserve and CQuartz Professional ceramic coatings both have a very sharp brilliant gloss and they have a very low water contact angle. This means water forms a nice tight bead and can barely stay on the vehicle.


To achieve that deep, wet, glossy look, paint correction is needed to safely correct the swirl marks, marring, holograms, fine scratches and increase the gloss and clarity to make the paint the best it can be before applying the ceramic coating.

Paint correction is a time consuming process. Preparation is the key. Most of the time spent is the labor to polish the paint before the preparation work in order for the ceramic coating to bond, cure properly, and look its best.