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CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating Certified


Certified Carpro Ceramic Coating Installer

A Miracle Detailing 🌴 - Palm Beach’s only certified CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating installer. Preparation is the key to achieve the best possible paintwork finish before installing a premium quality ceramic coating.

A quality ceramic coating will display ease of maintenance, durability, longevity, increased gloss, greater resistance to abrasion, outstanding water repellency, and has additional UV blockers to help revent color fading and oxidation.

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Details vary for each vehicle and everyone is looking for something different.
For that reason, quotes can only be given upon inspection of the vehicle.
 * Inspections are done using state-of-the-art auto detailing technologies.

When we detail a vehicle, we strive for it to look better than new.
We are proud to be Palm Beaches only CQuartz Finest Reserve
and Cquartz Professional certified ceramic coating installer.
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We are centrally located in Palm Beach County in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida for your convenience.

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What is CQuartz Ceramic Coating?
CQuartz ceramic coatings are a ceramic quartz liquid polymer that is manually applied and chemically bonds to your vehicle’s paint. Carpro Cquartz automotive ceramic coatings add additional protection to your car’s exterior. CQuartz professional ceramic coatings last for years.

Why choose CQuartz Ceramic Coating?
CQuartz ceramic coatings add a deep gloss, depth, clarity, and creates a hydrophobic surface that makes your vehicle easier to keep clean. A Miracle Detailing is certified in CQuartz Finest Reserve, DQuartz Nano-Diamond Quartz Fusion, and CQuartz Professional ceramic coatings.

What is Paint Correction?
Paint correction creates brilliance, clarity, and shine! The paint polishing process is a essential process that restores and rejuvenates the paintwork through elimination of imperfections that dull, oxidize or haze the surface. It is an important and time-consuming part of the paint preparation.