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Customer reviews are important to us. We take a lot of pride in our work and strive to create the best results possible.
People take reviews into account when deciding who they want to do business with. Five stars really means a lot to us.

Instructions: Google Review
Google Review
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Instructions: Facebook Review
Facebook Review
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Facebook has changed its rating system. It is now a Yes/No 'Recommendations' system, which completely replaced the prior five star-rating system. Although the average rating out of 5 shown on the page will remain, it will only take into consideration past reviews and new recommendations.

Facebook is known as a social network, but it’s also one of the most popular websites for customers to leave reviews for local businesses. Long reliant on a five-star ratings system, the social giant has streamlined its approach with the new recommendations for Facebook business pages.

Instead of assigning a star rating and writing a review, customers are now faced with a single question: “Do you recommend A Miracle Detailing?” After answering yes or no, they are asked to offer comments about the business.

Recommendations streamlines the process of leaving reviews and encourages customers to be specific and constructive with their experience with a business.

Although the process of leaving a review no longer includes the star rating, Facebook business pages will still display a star rating. This rating is derived from a combination of new recommendations and stars assigned using the former ratings system.